Arizona Matsuri

The 31st Annual Festival of Japan
February 21-22, 2015

Heritage and Science Park

Downtown Phoenix

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2015 Theme: Tanuki

What is a Tanuki, you might askā€¦

A Tanuki is a trickster character from Japanese mythology and children's stories. Tanuki
He is often depicted carrying a sake flask as he likes to have a good time; and, often he carries a bill of sale which he promises to pay but never does.

Here the tanuki appears in a children's song: a Tanuki hears a monk beating a mokugyo - a wooden block - while he chants the sutra; and the Tanuki realizes he can make the same sound by slapping his tummy. All the Tanuki's friends join him in the beautiful garden, under the full moon, and slap their tummies in time with the mokugyo.

A fameous Japanese story, Bunbuku Chagama, tells of a tanuki which shape shifts into a tea kettle to reward the man who kindly freed him from a trap. The magical tea kettle never runs out of hot water no matter how many cups of tea the man pours!

2015 Exhibitors

Arizona Matsuri will feature these and other cultural exhibits in 2015.
Please check back for updates.

Arizona Gakuen School

Asian Pacific American Studies

Arizona Shiba Inu Association

Consulate General of Japan

Desert Ridge High School Japan Club

Glendale Union High School District Japan Club

Highland High School Japan Club

Japan Culture Club of Arizona

Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

Ping Wei Ikebana Art Studio

Valley Vista High School Japanese Club

Arizona Matsuri favorite Through Each Other’s Eyes can not display their photographs this year due to scheduling conflicts.


Science Center Annex

Arizona Matsuri will feature these and other cultural exhibits at the
Science Center Annex, formerly, The Phoenix History Museum.
Please check back for updates.

Arizona Origami Society

Kokeshi Dolls, by Nancy Wilson

Noh Mask

ASU Gate

Arizona Matsuri will feature these cultural exhibits at the
ASU Downtown Campus Main Gate. Please check back for updates.

Fushicho Daiko

Ken Koshio Taiko

Masks by Zarco

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