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2015 Arizona MATSURI: A Festival of Japan

March 25, 2015

The 31st annual “Arizona MATSURI: A Festival of Japan” was held at Heritage and Science Park in Phoenix, Arizona on February 21-22, 2015. The Arizona Matsuri is a celebration of Japanese culture organized by the Matsuri Steering Committee, co-chaired by Ms. Doris Asano and Dr. Ted Namba. It is estimated that 80,000 some people attended this year, in addition to more than 300 performers, vendors, and organizations joining the event. 


Arizona Matsuri celebrates Japanese culture

February 21, 2015

People of all ages wearing anime and manga-inspired costumes celebrated Japanese culture and tradition on Saturday at the 31st annual Arizona Matsuri a Festival of Japan.


Fascinating demonstrations of martial arts, candy sculpting, Japanese drumming, and dance are just a few of the selling points of the Matsuri Festival. Other draws include awesome foods, a flea market, kids' activities, and exhibits of traditional Japanese arts like bonsai, ikebana, and origami. A new component to the event is a brand new Haiku Expo, which invites all residents of Arizona to participate in the inaugural Haiku Expo scheduled to take place at the Festival in 2015.


Whether you're looking for killer sushi, an eyeful of traditional artwork and ikebana floral arrangements, or a cold pint of Kirin, Matsuri has you covered. Matsuri is Japanese for "festival" and universal for a showcase of Japan's cultural traditions and foods. The annual two-day downtown festival in late February celebrates...


What does Phoenix have to do with Japan? Perhaps more than you know. Phoenix is a sister city to Himeji, Japan. It has a Japanese Friendship Garden. It's also home to a fantastic Japanese festival. Called Matsuri (conveniently, the Japanese word for "festival"), the annual festival features plenty of fun from the...

The Japan Foreign Minister's Commendation


The Foreign Minister's Commendation was presented to the Arizona Matsuri on August 19, 2011. The conferment was presented by Consul General Ihara during a ceremony at the Phoenix Museum of History, followed by a farewell dinner for Consul General Ihara who returned to Japan for his next post (article in Japan Focus, Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, August 2011, Vol. 3, Issue 13).


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