Overflow Stage

The 2020 performers will be finalized soon. Below are the 2019 performers for reference.



Shakuhachi Flute Performance by Yu-Jin Sokushin


Short history and demonstration of the ancient music instrument which has been adopted by komuso, wandering monks, and used as a form of Zen practice in Japan for many centuries.

Check out the shakuhachi flute performance and get into your state of Zen. Shakuhachi are usually made from the root end of a bamboo culm and are extremely versatile instruments. Professional players can produce virtually any pitch they wish from the instrument, and play a wide repertoire of original Zen music, ensemble music with koto, biwa, and shamisen, folk music, jazz, and other modern pieces. 


Yu-Jin Sokushin has been given a music name Soku Shin by his teacher, in the tradition of the “Taizan Ha” lineage from Myoan-Ji (明暗寺) Temple in Kyoto, Japan.Yujin is a founder of “Ancient Sounds of Peace” non-profit project dedicated to promoting peace and harmony through the power of music and sounds.


Tanyon Berry Fue (Japanese flute) 


Tanyon Berry is a nisei musician who is active in both western and Japanese music performance on oboe, taiko, and fue.  He has studied fue in particular since 2007 and traveled to Japan in 2013 to perform and study further.  In this ancient instrument, Berry has found a means for connecting with his heritage, and in doing so finds repose amidst the often chaotic business of a modern world.  In performance, he hopes to evoke an atmosphere of reflection for the audience where they can pause for a few minutes then leave feeling refreshed, perplexed, or in some way displaced from their usual state. 

Betty Fairfax High School Japan Club


Betty Fairfax High School’s Japanese Club is performing classic Japanese folktales in both Japanese and English for your enjoyment! A small performance will accompany the storytelling. A celebration of traditional stories of Japan for all ages to enjoy!  Betty Fairfax High School’s Japanese Club Dance Team Higanbana (red spider lily) is back this year with a whole new set of dances for you to enjoy. The Odorite Dance Team (try to dance) is a group of dancers who memorize dances to popular songs and publish their videos on Youtube. The dance team imitates what is done in Japan and records videos of dances and publishes them on their Youtube channel. This year Higanbana is performing songs from the Jpop group Perfume, the Japanese Odorite Group Garnidelia, the LoveLive Anime and Vocaloid songs.

Valley Vista High School Japan Club


Valley Vista Japanese Club has a small dance committee called "Vertigo". In Japan, dance groups like this are called "odorite". The groups practice choreography for popular songs and post their versions on YouTube or Nico Nico Douga. The dances are tagged "Odotte mita"

(we tried a dance).

Ikudansu! Dance Performance


Local dance team Ikudansu! is ready to perform for you! Enjoy a fun-filled musical set of dance covers of all of your favorites, from Vocaloid bops to anime opening themes and even a few J-Pop jams! Dancers from Sumūjī Maid Café will be joining us in order to make this performance super sweet. We can't wait to see you there! Let's Go Dance!


Overflow Stage Performance Schedule to be finalized soon 

Stage Location: Steele Indian School Park

Schedule times are subject to change without notice. Please check back for updates.


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