Matsuri 2016 Review

Review of Arizona Matsuri 2016 by AZ Asian Food Review blogger Adam Yee.

Adam sums up the event as follows, but gives an indepth review which you can read on his blog by following the link below.

"Matsuri is an amazing, well organized festival. This is why hundreds upon hundreds go there every year. You have a huge list of performances from all different eras, apparel of every single kind of Japanese culture, and a delicious array of food. This is a perfect example of a popular cultural festival in Arizona and I have never seen this much of an audience in a culture festival. And I go to a lot of culture festivals!

I applaud the many hands that make this festival happen. I know there’s a lot of Japanese organizations that try their hardest to explain their culture I have never seen such a diverse crowd of Asians, cosplayers, and regular Phoenicians in one place."

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