Matsuri in the local, Japanese news

Oasis, a local publication written for the Japanese speaking community featured an article on the founding of Arizona Matsuri through an ASU Japanese culture group called Behind the Mask.


The event began in Tempe and was held every 6 months and eventually found its current home in downtown Phoenix where crowds reaching more than 5000 astonished the organizers. Over the years, the festival's popularity has continued to grow where some estimates put the 2016 festival attendance at more than 80,000 making one wonder how many will attend this year.

Enjoy the article if you can read Japanese, or at least the check out the pictures, some which are dated 1985. We hope you can join us at this year's 33rd annual Arizona Matsuri.

Thank you to Oasis and George Nakamura

Read the Oasis publication article here

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