Steering Committee


The Arizona Matsuri is a cooperative effort from this dedicated group of volunteers and partner organizations

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Arizona Matsuri Committee Members

Matsuri committee members will be wearing blue happi coats during the festival. Please feel free to ask them questions or give them event feedback. If you would like to get involved as a committee member, please send us an email to who would like to get involved in the festival should register online using the volunteer signup form here:

Motoki Adachi

Kolton Boothman

​Kaitlyn Covey

Kiyoko Goldhardt

Lyndsey Hoffman*

Sandra Inouye

Chakeia Johnson*

Mari Kaneta

Ken Koshio

Miro Koshio

Kris McCann

Kelly Moeur*

Eileen Morgan*

Phil Okuma

Samantha Pacheco*

RoseAnne Schrimpf

Lise Spangenthal

Kristy Sproul

Ilene Takiguchi*

Kevin Uehara

Sophia Uehara

Beverly Washichek*

* Board or officer position

​​​Steering Committee Sign-up

If you are interested in joining the Arizona Matsuri Steering Committee as an active member and be involved in planning and running this festival, please complete the online application and tell us why you would like to join the Arizona Matsuri steering committee.

Arizona Matsuri Supporters

Special thanks to Eriko Saxon for her lovely poster illustration