Dear Prospective Volunteers:


The Arizona Matsuri Festival is one of Arizona's biggest cultural events and we are thankful for the many volunteers who participated in past Arizona Matsuri festivals. 

We are seeking volunteers who can help support our steering committee members to make this year's 36th anniversary festival better than ever. Volunteers can participate in any number of ways including helping out during the preceding Friday setup, during the festival weekend and/or during clean up and take down on Sunday evening and Monday morning.



Volunteer Registration - Now OPEN for 2022

Minor volunteers consent form

​Minor volunteers under the age of 18 as of Feb 22, 2020 will need to submit a parental consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Please submit this form to the volunteer coordinator after submitting your online registration.  ​

Steering Committee Sign-up

If you are interested in joining the Arizona Matsuri Steering Committee as an active member and be involved in planning and running this festival, please complete the online application and tell us why you would like to join the Arizona Matsuri steering committee.

Thank you for your interest, time and participation in the 2022 Arizona Matsuri!



Samantha Pacheco

Arizona Matsuri Steering Committee

Volunteer Coordinator